The New Studio Palette & Cover with our patented oil Paint preserving process.

Two sizes, each comes with a cover, palette, mat, sponge and charging pan.

Pro 20" x 20" with 17"x 14" inside palette mat.


Artist 17" x 17" with 13.5" x 11" inside palette mat.

Just paint, cover and charge then you have more control over the drying time of your oil paint.

Dealers call for pricing 317-512-1763.

Our New Professional Painting Safe Box Easel model is heavy duty but no so heavy in weight, the 16 x 16 box weighs 4.5 pounds. The Student Light Weight 16 x 16 box at 3.4 pounds !

The Heavy Duty Rigid Base Plate and Side Tray are available.

 Pictured on our Heavy Duty Tripod.

Side Tray 14.5" x 9" mounts to our tripod base plate.

 (Fits  older models but you will need to drill two 1\4" holes to match the pre-drilled side tray holes.)

Pick from 2 models!

Artist16" x 16" 

light weight 3.5 Lbs. 

Pro Heavy Duty

16" x 16"  4.5 Lbs.  

Every Painting Safe Box Easel can be used as a table top easel, (or: connects to a standard field easel) also each box comes with a Light Weight tripod base plate that fits standard tripods. Extra S hooks to bring the painting up and out of the way of  the bottom for palette knife work. The canvas\panel angle is adjustable.

Member of The Shelby County Builders Association

Yes it is tough! 

Picture with over 200 lbs on our Artist model!

We're getting very positive feedback from our customers!

Buy with confidence.

Attach it to your adjustable field easel or a tripod.

Products are QR coded for your convenience.

Painting safe, Cases and boxes for painting easels. TM

Every Painting Safe Box Easel is Made in the USA



Painting Safe Box Easel


Sets up in seconds!             

Carry safely inside up to a

11 x 14 painting, (canvas or panel) or use the inner swing up supports for up to a 22" tall painting in the Professional or Student model.
Designed for table top use, to fit most field easels and a tripod.


Made In The USA


A Patented feature; The Painting Safe Box Easel is designed with a feature that pushes the air out of the box so that your oil paint can dry much slower.

That means less odor and you can paint a little or paint a lot and close the lid between painting knowing you have more control over the drying time.

Less evaporation means less Odor!

Less odor in the studio, classroom or car!

Makes it easier

 Less evaporation means less odor!

Safely carry a painting and palette with out the worry of a spill.

More than just a box easel, it can actually keep oil paint weeks longer. Less evaporation also means less odor.

Recyclable material


Make your painting life easier!

Paint, close and (carry with one hand). The wet painting and reusable palette is protected inside our Box Easel.

Store them in a convenient and safe place until you're ready.

​Super fast set up and take down!

Paint standing or setting!

Canvas or panels can be used.

Rugged for outside use when needed!


Call or text for a dealer near you! 317-512-1763

We have had a lot of artist using palette knifes ask, (is there a way to bring the canvas up and out flush for palette knife work.)

Now every box comes with S hooks to bring the canvas support out flush and up from the palette with a slide latch.


No tools needed,  just turn the hooks out to the front push the slide latch down when needed and push the latch up and swing them back to store.